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    From helping to tune up your next round funding pitch, product and market strategies, to providing assistance preparing sound financial budgets or hands-on leadership we work with early-stage companies in both pre and post-revenue periods to accelerating progress, tighten up execution performance, avoid pitfalls, and help attract the resources and investments needed to lay sufficient runaway.

      We work with a “sense of urgency” which is deeply embedded in our culture. This urgency naturally developed from our involvement in thorny performance and turnaround situations.  By bringing deep real-world industry and consulting experience and the willingness to work collaboratively with management teams and owners we help companies achieve transformative sustainable results. 


         Blackstone Management & Consulting began as a turnaround and restructuring consulting practice.  Being focused in this field we developed effective techniques to promptly transform business performance.  As our practice has grown many of these same approaches and techniques have been used and expanded to bring effective business transformation and performance improvements to performing companies that wished to achieve higher levels of performance and accomplish new goals.  

         We certainly impact performance and profits through analysis and helping clients better understand their primary profit drivers so they can make better data-driven decisions. But true transformation always comes from transforming the way people think and see things.   At the core of our approach to performance improvement is communication and helping clients develop a sense of responsibility throughout their organization and empowering their teams to achieve big things. When your staff are invested in their work and committed to good outcomes, you will see real results. 


        Cash is the business lifeblood and accounting its language.  Following solid booking practices, and having accounting  We are highly effective in all phases of lender management including developing or improvement of bank relationships, financial reporting, borrowing including second position debt, and private raises.  By helping clients establish effective financial controls and meaningful reporting they and their lenders can better understand their financial position and act accordingly. 


        Over the years, many of our clients have been a family business in one form or another. The simple fact is, during performance improvement engagements with family business clients we often identify deeply rooted and unresolved family issues at the core of some of the performance challenges.

        If you face a similar situation, you're certainly not alone. We know that business priorities and family needs do not always run in parallel and understand resolving them can be extremely difficult for those directly involved.

A few of us have deep experience dealing with difficult family dynamics inside a business situation and when appropriate will work with clients to find workable paths forward to resolve such issues. We help clients apply best practices to issues of communication, conflict resolution, family succession, and governance.


  Exit planning can mean family ownership transition, but just as often it means preparing a business for a smooth and valuable sale.   If contemplating a sale, all entrepreneurs would like to maximize the value of the business they've put so much effort and time into building. The main difference between generating exceptional value for your company lies in the planning, positioning and execution that go into preparing for a profitable exit.  Our team can help you develop and execute strategies that add value, will capture the interest of buyers and maximize the value you get for your business. Each step you take towards improving systems and performance and preparing your business for sale can dramatically increase your business value at time of sale.  To maximize exit value, you want to make the right decisions and take the right actions, to properly position the business to attract the most valuable result.

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