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Cash, Finance & Borrowing

We help business owners manage cash issues, improve their accounting controls, and navigate their way with banks and other lenders in good times and bad.  As we do, we also focus on increasing the organizations  financial competency to better manage their lending relationships ongoing.  We are well versed in commercial lending practices and how to best manage borrowing relationships.  We assist clients in the acquisition of capital leases, lines of credit, commercial, asset-based and mezzanine borrowing.

Exit Prep, Succession or Sale

Whether your plan is a family succession or the sale of your business, achieving a successful exit is the result of sound  planning and preparation. We are widely experienced helping clients prepare for the sale of their business. We will not only provide advice and guidance on how to increase value and the interest of qualified buyers, but are also prepared to work with you to successfully execute those plans.  Should your plans lead to a sale,  we can be by your side to help you effectively negotiate and in collaboration with your attorney and accountant,  guide you through the transaction process.

Executive Coaching and Performance Improvement 

Helping business owners deal with the desire to grow top-line revenue and profits are our client's most common initial request.  We apply years of turn around experience in a wide range of industries and markets to help clients identify areas of opportunity and ways to accelerate improvement quickly.  There is no mystery to performance improvement, it comes from accurately identifying opportunities and problems, developing sound strategies and then executing effectively.  We've rolled up our sleeves to helped numerous companies move the needle forward and can do the same for you.

Family Business

By itself, building and managing a successful business takes vision, confidence and and endless amounts of hard work.  But add family members to the mix and the challenges can sometimes seem insurmountable.  Family businesses face a unique set of challenges stemming from the overlap of family and business issues.  We have years of experience with family business dynamics and can help you apply best practices to communication, conflict resolution, succession, and next-generation leadership development

Management Mentoring

In situations where we've worked with owners to assist them in developing go-forward strategies, we are then often asked to work directly with their management team to help them execute.  In this type of ongoing advisory work we focus not only the successful accomplishment of the plan itself, but also mentoring the managers along the way so they operate at a higher level in the future

Early Stage Coaching

We coach start-up entrepreneurs in how to successfully deal with the full range of issues facing early-stage organizations. This can sometimes lead to a member of our team assuming a hands-on executive leadership assignment on a part-time project basis.        


How We Work

Establish Clarity

There's an old saying:

 "You can take any path

 if it doesn't matter 

where you end up"

   The daily challenges of running a business can be    so distracting and time-consuming that it can cloud your ability to stay focused on where you ultimately want to end up. 


We begin engagements gaining clarity - not just of the situation as we find it, but also the ultimate long term objectives of our clients.


That involves a process of helping clients step back and take a strategic view of their business.  This provides all involved the ability to see how current activities and results are aligned to accomplishing those long term goals. 


It may sound simple,  yet it's very effective. The knowledge gained in this process forms the bedrock of our client work and the basis on which we measure progress and success.

Develop Strategy

With a clear understanding of what our clients wish to achieve both in the short and long term, we begin working closely with owners, boards,  management, and staff to set immediate short term objectives and strategies to address areas not effectively contributing to the overall goals of the organization.  

Our principals have held successful C-suite executive positions themselves and have a track record of accomplishment. They are seasoned executives who have personally experienced the challenges of running a successful business; the ups, the downs, through good times and hard.


We expect to help clients develop effective strategies, but we also are prepared to help them execute those strategies. We also assist by effectively monitoring progress and utilizing our experiences to help clients avoid pitfalls during execution.


The importance of proper organization and resource alignment to the achievement of objectives is well known. 


We look to learn:

Are management priorities in alignment with the company's primary objectives?   Are managers in tune with ownership?  Does management have the capabilities and have they been given the tools and authorities to execute? 


And what about the culture? Is the company's culture in alignment with ownerships goals as well?   


 Achieving organizational

alignment requires a culture of open, clear, and concise communication.  It's essential to building a “one team approach”.  It's also important to building a sense of accountability and personal ownership of outcomes.

We provide clients with methods to improve communication of key performance results so impacted team members are aware of their progress and make course corrections on a timely basis.



"The true value of any good idea lies in its execution." 


In our opinion, the most valuable business adviser not only provides sound advice but also has the ability and willingness to help you make those strategies a reality.  


Ours is a hands-on, roll-up your sleeves approach to improvement.   Whether its financial, marketing, operational or helping you navigate the sale of your business, our principals have years of executive-level experience helping companies achieve and execute.  


Each day, this body of experience and the knowledge that comes with working in a wide variety of markets is actively leveraged to achieve our client goals.

In the end, we measure our success as a company by the ongoing success of our clients and their ability to achieve their goals.

Adding value and getting it right for our clients is paramount. It comes from digging in and doing the homework. Only by discovering and understanding the real underlying truths of a situation are we more likely to apply effective and sustainable solutions.

Joe Deliso, Founder




Frank Crinella

Regional VP

TD Bank

"I have referred Blackstone to several of our clients over the years. They are proven and methodical in their approach. As a 25-year Commercial Banker, I know when Blackstone is working with one of my clients they are in good hands."

Peter Carando Jr.


Carando Frozen Foods

"Words cannot describe the Carando families gratitude for services you've rendered our companies over the years.

Thank you!"

Glenn Hanson


Colony Hills Capital

"...proved to be very helpful and knowledgeable. They would be helpful for many start-up companies making it possible to afford a high-level CEO. Joe knows what he is looking at and can provide both strategic and tactical advice that will work"

Pat Abbe


 "We were still early stage back then without a lot of experience running a business of any real size. So we were sort of skeptical at first. But he said if we did this and that then good things would happen. So we said what the hell, and followed. Sure enough, it all came true and I couldn't be happier."


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